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Everyone should have access to a higher education. We want our work for colleges and universities to help make that happen.

Higher Education

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Becker Friedman Institute Website

Economists, as social scientists, prefer to let data make their case. They present the science rather than inject rhetoric or hype. The approach we took to The Becker Friedman Institute website was to skip the rhetoric and show the awesome output and impact of UChicago Economics through regularly updated content resources — news…   more »

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OIST Brochure and Faculty Booklet

“Nestled against a forested hillside on the west coast of Okinawa, a new world-class graduate university is forging the next era of interdisciplinary education and research. At the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University, professors, students, and scholars from around the world advance the frontie  more »

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Elmhurst College Imagist & Abstract Art Website

Suellen Rocca is Curator and Director of Exhibitions and a faculty member at Elmhurst College. She is also one of the original members of a famous Chicago art troupe called the Hairy Who whose work forms the backbone of the college’s art collection and their new online art collection.

Rocca and her irreverent cohort, who later b…   more »


Division of Social Sciences, University of Chicago

Deemed “a scholar’s haven”, Social Sciences is one of four divisions of learning at the University of Chicago. The departments within the division are some of the best you’ll find anywhere—Economics, Sociology, and History to name a few—known for their intellectual excellence and rigorous inquiry.

Th…   more »

Logan Art Center's curator, Monika Szewczyk, having an artistic experience.

Interactive Q+A Generator for the Logan Art Center

What does it all mean? Is this art? What inspires you? Why is it satisfying to ask questions on a yellow surface?

Sandbox created a blank slate for gallery goers at a recent exhibit at UChicago’s Logan Art Center gallery. Visitors were invited to make an entry in their own handwriting through an iPad touchscreen. The tablet becam…   more »

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