No matter the size or scope, Sandbox has found a strength in producing serial publications. We currently produce two magazines, one semiyearly and one bimonthly.


symmetry Magazine, August 2012

symmetry Magazine, August 2012

As the latest issue of symmetry Magazine hits the internet, Sandbox is proud to unveil an issue packed with topical stories buttressed by a series of beautiful illustrations. And if that wasn’t enough, as a bonus to the popular Deconstruction section, Sandbox produced a video that artfully explains how the data collected at C  more »

Through a Muon's Eyes

symmetry Magazine, June 2012

The newest issue of symmetry Magazine was recently published and included a new feature we’re all very proud of. Publishing its first movie, “Through a Muon’s Eyes.” symmetry Magazine took the silent-film approach to explain the pesky Muon. In the weeks prior to filming, Sandbox designer Brad Nagle cons…   more »

symmetry Magazine, March 2012

symmetry Accelerates to 12 Web-Based Issues per Year

Since 2004, Sandbox has collaborated with Fermilab and SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory to design and produce the particle physics magazine, symmetry. At the time, symmetry was a 10-times-a-year publication that, with the help of Xeno Media, was also made available online.

Now, after 51 print issues, symmetry is transformi…   more »

symmetry Magazine, February 2012

symmetry Magazine, February 2012

For symmetry‘s 51st issue, the first of 2012, the cover story continues to evolve and generate interest and buzz across the globe. Back in September, a report from CERN threw the physics community a knuckleball of massive proportions: Members of the OPERA neutrino experiment announced that after months of checking, recheck…   more »

Prospect  Magazine, Winter 2011–2012

Prospect Magazine, Winter 2011–2012

The Winter 2011–2012 edition of Prospect Magazine features a number of stories that highlight the College’s commitment to diversity. Feature articles include the story of two Japanese-Americans who were offered scholarships after their release from US internment camps during World War II; the College becoming the fir…   more »

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