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Report and accompanying materials

P5 Report

The Particle Physics Project Prioritization Panel (P5) is a scientific advisory panel tasked with recommending plans for U.S. investment in particle physics research over a ten year period within the context of a twenty-year global vision for the field. Sandbox Studio, Chicago was brought on to design and produce this lengthy rep…   more »

symmetry Magazine, August 2012

symmetry Magazine, August 2012

As the latest issue of symmetry Magazine hits the internet, Sandbox is proud to unveil an issue packed with topical stories buttressed by a series of beautiful illustrations. And if that wasn’t enough, as a bonus to the popular Deconstruction section, Sandbox produced a video that artfully explains how the data collected at C  more »

Basic Energy Sciences Brochure

Basic Energy Sciences Brochure

With energy technologies, environmental technologies, and national security implications evolving and changing at a seemingly day-to-day rate, understanding and communicating the science behind these technologies is a difficult and constant job.

To bridge this communication gap, The Office of Science at the Department of E…   more »

CMRC 2011 Annual Report

Children’s Memorial Research Center 2011 Annual Report

In research, a moment of discovery can be a challenge to express visually, but visuals abound in the 2011 annual report for Children’s Memorial Research Center! Aiming to bring CMRC’s new discoveries and novel therapies to light, Sandbox found an opportunity to engage the public and elevate the understanding of the im…   more »

Prospect  Magazine, Winter 2011–2012

Prospect Magazine, Winter 2011–2012

The Winter 2011–2012 edition of Prospect Magazine features a number of stories that highlight the College’s commitment to diversity. Feature articles include the story of two Japanese-Americans who were offered scholarships after their release from US internment camps during World War II; the College becoming the fir…   more »

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