Originally pared with SLAC back in 2004, Sandbox has been working along side the venerable laboratory as it has transitioned from a dominate particle physics lab into one of the world's premier coherent light source labs.


Neutrino Beam Illustration

How to Make a Neutrino Beam

Behold the newest deconstruction piece for symmetry which includes a stellar illustration and one of the best animations we’ve ever done. Enjoy learning some science. It’s important….   more »

Voyage to SNOLAB

Voyage to SNOLAB

In symmetry Magazine’s newest feature, symmetry explores the growing number of scientists clamoring to join teams of researchers at the one and only laboratory located a mile and a half beneath scenic Sudbury, Ontario.

Sandbox created a series of illustrations for the SNOLAB feature, all of which can be viewed in the gallery to yo…   more »

What Else Could the Higgs Be?

What Else Could the Higgs Be?

Symmetry Magazine is unpacked and settled in to its new home on the internet. With that, the publishing schedule has been rejiggered so features, editorials, and other items are published on a daily basis. We here at Sandbox are cranking out work all the time for this new format, so from now on, we’ll be posting the lastest and gre…   more » Goes Responsive Goes Responsive

symmetry Magazine has long been the leading source for all things particle physics in both print and on the web. As you may have noticed, in the early weeks of 2012, a new, interm-website was rolled out to rave reviews and deafening applause. Thank you… you’re too kind… please, please…

We could’ve sat …   more »

SLAC Turns 50!

Illustrations to Celebrate SLAC’s 50th Birthday!

After 50 years of zooming particles up and around and back again, SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory celebrated its momentous 50th birthday last week with a party fit for its historic accomplishments.

In preparation for a symmetry Magazine article that documents all of SLAC’s accomplishments, Nobel Prizes, and all-aro  more »

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