University of Chicago

Now a trusted web-services provider for this venerable institution, Sandbox continues to nurture this relationship as we move from project to project.

University of Chicago

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Alumni & Friends Website, University of Chicago

The Alumni and Friends website project brought Sandbox into close partnership with the University of Chicago’s Alumni Relations and Development group. Sandbox worked to establish a vision for a new site and to ensure a visual affinity between it and a soon-to-launch capital campaign site.

The process started with Sandbox a…   more »

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Becker Friedman Institute Website

Economists, as social scientists, prefer to let data make their case. They present the science rather than inject rhetoric or hype. The approach we took to The Becker Friedman Institute website was to skip the rhetoric and show the awesome output and impact of UChicago Economics through regularly updated content resources — news…   more »


Division of Social Sciences, University of Chicago

Deemed “a scholar’s haven”, Social Sciences is one of four divisions of learning at the University of Chicago. The departments within the division are some of the best you’ll find anywhere—Economics, Sociology, and History to name a few—known for their intellectual excellence and rigorous inquiry.

Th…   more »

UChicago Campus and Student Life Website

UChicago Campus and Student Life Website

This site is BIG and responsive. It’s as big as your monitor and as small as your iPhone. Go ahead and stretch it out and scrunch it up. It also makes a big splash. Like when you yell “cannonball” and jump in a pool. Big and splashy, yet compact and helpful.

UChicago’s fall quarter just began, and greeting new and …   more »

University of Chicago's MERSEC Website

University of Chicago MRSEC Website

MRSEC stands for Materials Research Science & Engineering Center. We would’ve spelled that out in the title, but it takes up too much space.

For a little background, MRSEC fosters research to produce design principles for the next generation of materials. They have outreach that brings science inquiry to locations far …   more »

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