Here it is. A snippet of work that merely scratches the surface of what we’ve done over the past thirteen years.

Recent Additions

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Becker Friedman Institute Website

Economists, as social scientists, prefer to let data make their case. They present the science rather than inject rhetoric or hype. The approach we took to The Becker Friedman Institute website was to skip the rhetoric and show the awesome output and impact of UChicago Economics through regularly updated content resources — news…   more »

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OIST Brochure and Faculty Booklet

“Nestled against a forested hillside on the west coast of Okinawa, a new world-class graduate university is forging the next era of interdisciplinary education and research. At the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University, professors, students, and scholars from around the world advance the frontie  more »

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Women’s Global Education Project Website

By any standards, 2013 has been a very successful year for Women’s Global Education Project (WGEP). Communication-wise this year’s highlight would have to be the work we’ve done to launch their bold and vibrant web presence.

The organization started ten years ago with a simple and important idea—fight pover…   more »


Shabica & Associates Website

This group designs and builds beaches. Think about that. If you live on lakefront property you don’t have to live with the beach that comes with your house. You can call Shabica.

That is amazing chutzpah. And it is met by incredible expertise, honed by Shabica & Associates over the last 30 years. In many cases tons of sand are …   more »

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Elmhurst College Imagist & Abstract Art Website

Suellen Rocca is Curator and Director of Exhibitions and a faculty member at Elmhurst College. She is also one of the original members of a famous Chicago art troupe called the Hairy Who whose work forms the backbone of the college’s art collection and their new online art collection.

Rocca and her irreverent cohort, who later b…   more »

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C2ST Website Redesign

When you visit Chicago’s most trafficked shopping district, Michigan Avenue, and come across a Nobel Laureate sitting at a table and a sign reads that he is accepting questions from random passersby, that’s bringing science to the people.

In putting the spotlight on brilliant scientists and on all areas of science kno…   more »

Friends Logo

Friends of the Chicago River Brand Refresh

When visual branding languishes, a stream that was once gushing with rich possibilities is reduced to a dribbling rivulet. For those organizations finding their communications in disarray, lacking zest, speaking incoherently or without authority Sandbox offers the brand identity refresh.

Our engagement with Friends of the Ch…   more »


Division of Social Sciences, University of Chicago

Deemed “a scholar’s haven”, Social Sciences is one of four divisions of learning at the University of Chicago. The departments within the division are some of the best you’ll find anywhere—Economics, Sociology, and History to name a few—known for their intellectual excellence and rigorous inquiry.

Th…   more »

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Culture Coast Website

Chicago’s Culture Coast—a collection of neighborhoods on the city’s South Side—is a destination for arts and architecture and home to jazz pioneers, literary legends, and visionary artists. Not to mention it is the place Chief Cultural Attaché Obama calls home.

The Culture Coast Network celebrates and promot…   more »

Plasma acceleration

symmetry Online April 2013

Hang Ten! Yeah, we’re stoked when physics and surfing metaphors are combined. You too? Check out April’s symmetry Magazine feature, Explain It in 60 Seconds. It gives you the lowdown on plasma acceleration by likening it’s waves to those mac-daddies at the Maverick surf contest. Gaze upon our beautiful beachfr…   more »