Plasma: at the frontier of scientific discovery

The Report of the Panel of Frontiers of Plasma Science is the culmination of efforts to engage a community of scientific experts working in the fields of general plasma science, high energy density laboratory plasmas, and exploratory magnetized plasma. A series of community-led workshops were held to identify compelling scientific challenges at the frontiers of plasma physics; research tools and capabilities tha

Whenever you have dozens of experts scattered across the country at myriad institutions working on a single document, there are bound to be challenges. Sandbox was commissioned by DOE’s Office of Science to take the essence of those efforts and present them in a professional, compelling manor with one voice. We did so by collaborating with an expert from the field to produce a colorful, highly organized and skiable 120-page report that is both well-respected within the scientific community it serves, while also being approachable to policy makers and the layperson.

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