Announcing Our Newly Minted Website

In a very classy way, Sandbox Studio has announced the transfer of power from their website of old, to the newly minted!

In a nod to the oft overlooked Pacific Sea Star, the diligent pros at Sandbox Studio, Chicago have spent the recent past suction-cupped to their computers, methodically pressing buttons and feeding on microbes. I made that last part up. They ate tacos and sandwiches just like everyone else. All that aside, Sandbox now has a cracker-jack new website that showcases all their fancy technology capabilities, which is key because Sandbox is a swift and exacting operation specializing in branding, strategy, design, and development—breaking ground in all conceivable mediums.

While speaking loudly later that day, Sandbox’s co-overlords made it clear that they, “…wish our old site well. We powered ’er down a short while ago…which, word of advice, is not actually necessary. We unplugged the server all dramatic like and apparently that’s not how you turn off a website. Aaron was pissed. I really think we knobbed something up.” The Overlords have decided that the old site will live out its days “on that teal iMac out in the garage.”

In the time it has taken you to read this, Sandbox Studio has already gotten back to the business of makin’ it happen.