Celebrating a nexus of scientific research

An event highlights groundbreaking research from UChicago and affiliated laboratories.

Today was unique in that we were able to enjoy a program that included three of our favorite clients: The University of Chicago, Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, and Argonne National Laboratory. Also on hand was the Marine Biological Laboratory.

The event held today at the William Eckhardt Research Center on UChicago’s campus in honor of the University’s 125th anniversary and was available via webcast. The program focused on the partnerships among the affiliated laboratories and UChicago, including the benefits for the region. Talks were given about groundbreaking research from UChicago and affiliated laboratory researchers and professors, as well as remarks and conversations.

This was a great reminder that our work has value, that our daily efforts are in support of something larger than ourselves. We support the cause of higher education and the scientific process. Events like this show the way partnerships among public and private institutions contribute to our local communities and inspire collaboration across the globe.

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