ICHEP Update: Experiment Results & News

New experiment results and findings are an exciting part of the International Conference on High Energy Physics (ICHEP).

This year’s ICHEP kicked off on August 3rd in Chicago, and here are a few major developments from the event thus far:

Dashed Hopes of A New Particle Discovery:

Last Friday, August 5th, the hopes of numerous physicists for a new particle discovery were dashed. A representative from CERN, the largest particle physics laboratory in the world, broke the news that the data flux previously observed last December was just a statistical fluke.

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Observation of Gravitational Waves:

The first direct observation of gravitational waves occurred this year. This discovery goes on to confirm Albert Einstein’s prediction and 1915 general theory of relativity. The importance of this observation was reiterated at the 2016 ICHEP, along with what this observation means for future discoveries, what is planned for the next observing run, and much more.

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NOvA’s Search for the Sterile Neutrino:

Contradictory evidence in regards to the sterile neutrino species has come to light at the 2016 ICHEP. While the three-flavor neutrino species and their mixing have gone on to successfully explain a number of experiment results, the existence of sterile neutrinos is still in question. The August 6th presentation will go on to cover Fermilab’s NOvA project, and its method of looking for sterile neutrino oscillations and the implications of supporting or denying their existence.

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