Data Shows Positive Trend at CPS

The Chicago educational system is being brought to the forefront of discussion, and our client the University of Chicago is taking an active role in the conversation.

Sandbox Studio is currently redesigning the University of Chicago’s To&Through project website, which is a research initiative aimed at improving student education outcomes in Chicago. This partnership is particularly important because not many institutions are involved with this type of research, and also the timely nature of the matter.

With educational improvement being brought to the forefront of discussion, many facts and misconceptions have also been brought to light. A common misconception has been that public schools are less successful than their private and charter school counterparts. In reality, Chicago’s open enrollment high schools have been a driving force behind the rise in graduation rates citywide for the past fifteen years. Programs such as the To&Through project have made these improvements possible. They empower Chicago educators, policymakers, and families with access to the data, research, and resources they need to move more students to and through high school, college, and into the workforce.

Research and data is pointing towards a trend of success for Chicago schools, but their future is still uncertain. They still face the possibility of steep financial cuts and the threat of not opening on time this fall without financial help. We plan to keep our attention on this issue as more developments are made and released.

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