Fermilab Celebrates 50 Years of Scientific Discovery

Fifty years ago Fermilab hired its first employee and commenced operations on farmland 40 miles west of Chicago. To celebrate, numerous public events were scheduled throughout the year welcoming friends and neighbors to learn about the laboratory’s cutting edge research underway advancing humankind’s understanding of energy, matter, space and time.

Fermilab’s rich history of scientific discovery and innovation has made important contributions toward our understanding the world we live in and the universe that surrounds us. Sandbox was commissioned to create a 50th anniversary mark and to produce myriad projects with the expressed goal of highlighting achievements within a cohesive framework that would be instantly recognizable, dynamic and inspiring. From posters and street banners to t-shirts and baseball hats, Sandbox continues it’s fourteen-year collaboration with this internationally renowned laboratory.

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  • Michael Branigan
  • Aaron Grant
  • Brad Nagle
  • Colleen Ehrhart


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