UChicago Alumni & Friends Website

UChicago’s Alumni & Friends website makes an impression with its exciting new user interface, but behind the scenes is where we truly made our mark. Alumni & Friends highlights our ability to adapt to a culture and integrate successfully with an outside communications team.

Once embedded, we provided strategic guidance by assessing their audience, content efficacy, and information architecture to bring the site to life. The force behind the new design direction for Alumni & Friends was a desire to provide an engaging resource for alumni while employing the common elements of a separate University campaign with a similar launch date.

Speaking UX, the Alumni & Friends website features a useful map interface that allows alumni to find events in their area or to track down a nearby alumni club.

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    Client Type
  • Education
  • Aaron Grant
  • Brad Nagle
  • Matt Stone


  • Information Visualization
  • Responsive & Mobile Design
  • Information Architecture