Fermilab Graphic Standards

Working in tandem with Fermilab for the past decade, Sandbox has supported the day-to-day communication needs and produced myriad print and environmental materials. Most recently Sandbox introduced Fermilab’s official graphics standards manual—ensuring Fermilab’s scientific mettle is protected by their strong and dynamic brand.

Fermilab is a national laboratory, founded in 1967, dedicated to high energy particle physics research. With a long and storied history in scientific achievement, Fermilab also stands in high esteem for its architecture, art, design, and commitment to protecting Illinois’ prairie lands. Sandbox’s latest commission, a reinvigoration of Fermilab’s brand through the establishment of lab-wide graphic standards, required extensive research and strategy, ensuring cohesiveness throughout its implementation.

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  • Science
  • Allyson Gibbs
  • Jill Preston
  • Michael Branigan


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  • Brand Strategy