Sanford Lab

Produced using Drupal 8, the Sanford Lab website included a complete rethinking and restructuring of the lab’s content, with an evolutionary step forward for their visual branding. A component that makes this site unique is how we focused on storytelling in tandem with custom illustrations for the homepage and Science and Discovery section.

Sandbox has been at work in support of this international endeavor since 2005, when we produced a report stating “A national Deep Science Initiative, structured around a new Deep Underground Science and Engineering Laboratory, would extend the frontiers of particle physics and astrophysics, biology, geoscience and engineering—and foster the synergies among them.” We applaud the ongoing efforts in Lead, South Dakota and look forward to the exciting results sure to come from the myriad research projects currently underway.

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  • Science
  • Michael Branigan
  • Aaron Grant
  • Brad Nagle


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