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Sandbox is the fusion of eight people, each of whom bring different influences, experiences, ideas, thoughts, and talents to the table. We invite you to have a seat.

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Shabica & Associates Website

This group designs and builds beaches. Think about that. If you live on lakefront property you don’t have to live with the beach that comes with your house. You can call Shabica.

That is amazing chutzpah. And it is met by incredible expertise, honed by Shabica & Associates over the last 30 years. In many cases tons of sand are …   more »

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Elmhurst College Imagist & Abstract Art Website

Suellen Rocca is Curator and Director of Exhibitions and a faculty member at Elmhurst College. She is also one of the original members of a famous Chicago art troupe called the Hairy Who whose work forms the backbone of the college’s art collection and their new online art collection.

Rocca and her irreverent cohort, who later b…   more »

Yep, that's a 15!

Sandbox Shows Its Age Using Novel Human Typeface!

On July 15 we burst from the office mid afternoon like 4th graders on summer break. And in the expansive backyard of Michael and his wife Chris, we did all the things we dream of when we are cooped up in the office. Here’s a series of verbs in the past tense, ready? Hula hooped, Jenga-ed, corn holed.

We also ran through the sprinkler an…   more »

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C2ST Website Redesign

When you visit Chicago’s most trafficked shopping district, Michigan Avenue, and come across a Nobel Laureate sitting at a table and a sign reads that he is accepting questions from random passersby, that’s bringing science to the people.

In putting the spotlight on brilliant scientists and on all areas of science kno…   more »

Friends Logo

Friends of the Chicago River Brand Refresh

When visual branding languishes, a stream that was once gushing with rich possibilities is reduced to a dribbling rivulet. For those organizations finding their communications in disarray, lacking zest, speaking incoherently or without authority Sandbox offers the brand identity refresh.

Our engagement with Friends of the Ch…   more »

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